News and Webzine

SAE develops and selects news to provide global coverage of vehicle electrification, fuel-cell, and smart grid developments. The most relevant stories are selected and presented at an average rate of 5 to 10 daily. News is taken from a variety of sources, including international, national, and local news outlets. Dedicated providers feed SAE updates on events in Western Europe, Southern Europe, and the US. Further work is done to provide coverage of Asia, Australia, and South America.


Subscribing to the GTL-EV provides users access to this curated news stream, providing daily updates on the state of automotive electrification around the world. News topics include government decisions, product reports, technology announcements, and significant business news. Press releases are kept to a minimum.


To help customers keep track of news wherever they are, SAE provides a Webzine of vehicle electrification news, updated in real time with popular information pulled from around the web. Subscribers to the GTL-EV are able to visit this webzine, scroll through tiled news stories, and keep updated on news as it is shared and discussed.

News is provided from by a number of outlets including:

  • Advanced Electric Drive Vehicle Education program
  • Automotive News
  • National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium