Books are the medium to present detailed technical information at length. SAE strives to bring the best technical texts to the greatest engineers. SAE has selected 11 texts on electric vehicle design, the state of technology, and the history of electric and electric-hybrid cars. All are available in their entirety to users of the GTL-EV. This collection will grow as new books are published.


The collection includes the following titles:

  • Fuel Cell Powered Vehicles
    AUTHOR(S): D. Holt
    Published: 2003
  • History of the Electric Automobile
    AUTHOR(S): E. Wakefield
    Published: 1998
  • History of the Electric Automobile
    AUTHOR(S): E. Wakefield
    Published: 1993
  • Hybrid-Powered Vehicles, Second Edition
    AUTHOR(S): J. German
    Published: 2011
  • Hybrid-Powered Vehicles
    AUTHOR(S): John German
    Published: 2003
  • Hydrogen Fuel for Surface Transportation
    AUTHOR(S): J. Norbeck; J. Heffel, T. Durbin; M. Montano; B. Tabbara; J. Bowden; S. Belinski
    Published: 1996
  • The Winning Solar Car: A Design Guide for Solar Race Car Teams
    AUTHOR(S): D. Carroll
    Published: 2003
  • Vehicle Multiplex Communication: Serial Data Networking Applied to Vehicular Engineering
    AUTHOR(S): C. Lupini
    Published: 2004
  • Future Automotive Fuels and Energy
    AUTHOR(S): B. Morey
    Published: 2013
  • Advanced Hybrid Powertrains for Commercial Vehicles
    AUTHOR(S): R. Smaling; H. Hu; S Baseley
    Published: 2012
  • Automotive Telematics
    AUTHOR(S): A. Fuchs
    Published: 2002
  • Automotive E/E Reliability
    AUTHOR(S): J. Day
    Published: 2011